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Bevel edge Wall Mirrors Australia

Bevel edge Mirror 1200 x 800

Product Description

Elegant and beautiful. Great for any bathroom.

RRP $178

A mirror serves both as a practical fixture and a stylish feature in any bathroom. Its importance can be evaluated from the very fact that it is uncommon for a bathroom to not have a mirror. So, when you know that this fixture belongs in your bathroom, why not select the best one. Instead of investing in a simple, boring mirror that does nothing to enhance the look of the space, why not select one that is stylish and luxurious. Right

If you can’t find the right mirror for your bathroom, check out our “Bevel Edge Mirror.” Its elegant design and dimensions (1200*800mm) make it ideal for any bathroom – large or small. We are sure that it will get many compliments while acting as the centrepiece of your bathroom. Besides enhancing the visual aspect of your bathing space, this beautiful mirror can be used for applying makeup, shaving, tweezing, etc.

Like all of our bevelled edge mirrors, it comes with a one-year warranty which starts from the original date of purchase for the product damaged during normal domestic use due to faulty workmanship and/or materials.

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