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Painting the walls or getting new tiles installed is not always an answer to sprucing up a bathroom. Sometimes, getting the right fixtures installed is what all is needed to boost up a bathroom's visual aspect. If you are looking for a great shower screen to enhance the look and feel of this important room of your house, you do not need to go elsewhere. Right here are Vizzini, you can find a plethora of stylish diamond shower screens to go well with your bathroom decor.

At Vizzini, we consider the functional aspect of a bathroom product as crucial as it's appearance. Hence, we manufacture all our products with superior-grade materials to provide them strength and durability. Not only our shower screen look great, but also ensure comfort to the users. In other words, they can improve both the look as well as the function of a bathroom. Some of their key specifications that make them a great choice are – chrome hinges and brackets; toughened glass, etc.

To meet diverse needs of users in terms of sizes, we have our diamond shaped shower screens available in several dimensions, such as – 1000*1000*1950mm, 1100*1100*1950mm, 900*900*2000mm, and more. Our diamond shower screens adhere to the Australian Standards Association and are available with a considerable warranty of ten years. This warranty starts from the original date of purchase for the product damaged during normal domestic use due to faulty workmanship and/or materials.

We invite you to check out our selection and choose a shower screen complementing your bathroom decor.

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