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Frameless Square Shower Baths Australia

Frameless Square Slider Shower Screen 1200 x 1200 x 1950

Product Description

Looking for a contemporary, minimalist appearance in your bathroom? Frameless shower screens will best suit your expectations. A frame less shower screen is the ultimate statement of luxury in any bathroom. These screens work as a design miracle into the bathing space while keeping the water out, glass allows light and depth into an otherwise small bathing space. It provides understated elegance with smooth clean lines. The frameless look will complement your bathroom whatever the d├ęcor is!

Vizzini has an amazing collection of beautiful frameless shower screens that will add value and style to any bathroom. We have the availability of different shower screens which offers you the convenience of choosing the separation and even the color that denotes the space. Walk-in showers impact space with openness and ease. Invisible fixing points and clean seamless glass joins are a unique feature of the frameless range.

At Vizzini, you will find a range of frameless shower screens made of thick tempered glass, the thickest in our range. This sturdy glass is very resistant to breaking and hard-wearing. You can also combine it with a tiled floor to create your own wet room. Indulge in cutting edge design with frameless styles that emulate a super-luxury, streamlined look. Now, simply walk into the liberating, door free environment for a truly open shower experience.

The quality of the products offered by Vizzini can be evaluated from the fact that they are all compliant with the Australian Standards Association. For exploring the whole range, take a glance at our collection!

Australian Standard Square Frameless Slider Shower Screen comes with chrome hinges and brackets.

Dimension: 1200 x 1200 x 1950mm, with 10mm toughened glass.

Throw away your squeege next to no cleaning required.


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