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Make a heavenly look and an apparent bigger space by introducing a frame less shower screen. With all glass fabricated to Australian Standards and our ensured least 10mm thick screen, sturdiness is reasonable at Vizzini.

We, at Vizzini take incredible pride in having the most modern and unique collection of shower screens in Sydney, Australia. From rectangle shower screens, square shower screens, single board shower screens, slider shower screens, to diamond shower screens; we have a wide collection of shower screens that are made to fit nay kind and size of bathroom settings. Each of our shower screen has been designed as per the latest trends of the d├ęcor market. Every shower screen is sleek and stylist that will be successful in fulfilling all the requirements of the user. So, no matter, which one you select, we promise you years of satisfaction and guarantee.

Our choice of frame less shower screen enclosures are the most preferred ones among the clients who have a bathroom with limited space. That is the reason, these shower screens complement bathroom of any size where space is a constraint by giving an impression of a larger space. These screens have the capability to make any small bathroom look bigger than its actual size. Whether you wish to buy a frame less shower screen to create an illusion of a larger space or simply because you like it, we promise you that you will the shower screen of your choice in just a few clicks.

Browse our online web store to see that our shower screen enclosures makes an amazing combination of functionality, durability and matchless appeal. Apart from being compliant with the Australian Standards Association, all our shower screens are environmentally-safe and help homeowners save water, energy, and money without sacrificing performance or quality.

We welcome you to see our huge inventory and pick a shower screen complementing your restroom insides.

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