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Cutting Board

Cutting Board & Tray 336 x 444 x 25

Product Description

Working in the kitchen is not a boring chore when you have this multipurpose cutting board & tray by Vizzini. It is an indispensable tool for a busy kitchen where convenience is paramount.

This cutting board & tray by Vizzini is designed for everyday use & effortless handling. It is versatile enough for performing a wide range of tasks, like dicing a head of lettuce, filleting a whole fish, chopping fruits, or cutting meats. What it makes it even better is the tray attached with it, which allows you to wash and rinse the fruits, vegetables, and meats after you chop them. It therefore saves your space as well as time by letting you do chopping, washing, and draining – all at once.

Product Description –
Cutting board: 336 x 444 x 25mm
Tray only: 275 x 160 x 50mm
Made of A-grade materials
Low maintenance
RRP $210

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