Accessories - Stainless Steel Basket, Sink Tray, Wood Cutting Board

A sink is perhaps the most important fixture in a kitchen. After all, it not only enhances a kitchen's visual aspect, but also makes it easy to perform tasks, like filling pots, washing vegetables, cleaning dishes, etc. At Vizzini, we understand that the concept of a kitchen has greatly evolved over the years. Hence, fixtures like sinks too have stepped up in terms of design and style.

At Vizzini, we bring the latest designs in kitchen sinks to make kitchen chores quick, simple, and easy. We pride ourselves for having the best selection of drop in sinks in Sydney. Each of the sinks in our selection is made of 18/10 stainless steel, which is above the industry standard. Besides that, they are quite easy to clean & do not call for a strict maintenance. Even with a simple regular cleaning regimen, they can be kept in a tip top condition for years. And yes, they all adhere to the the Australian Standards Association and come with a warranty of twenty-five years.

Our impressive drop in sink range includes double bowl under counter sink 754*444*210mm, double under mount square sink 760*440*190mm, double under mount square sink 760*440mm, drop in OR under counter sink 370*175mm, drop in OR under counter sink 387*324*180mm, drop in sink 630*470*220mm, drop in flush line double sink 1160*500mm, square kitchen sink 380*440*190mm, square kitchen sink 1+3/4 bowl 775*450*250mm, and many more.

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