Accessories - Stainless Steel Basket, Sink Tray, Wood Cutting Board

Someone has rightly said that an attractive kitchen is a productive kitchen. To help you make this crucial part of your house as beautiful and functional as possible, we – Vizzini, the most trusted kitchen-ware wholesaler in Sydney, Australia brings for you most exotic selection of kitchen sinks. Out WELS rated kitchen sinks are the best you can find in Sydney.

From single bowl kitchen sinks, double bowl kitchen sinks, to under counter/drop in sinks; we have almost every type of kitchen sinks in our broad selection. Each of our sinks has been designed to breathe life into a dull, boring kitchen through their amazing features. A durable structure, trendy design, & smooth finish are some of their features that make them a worthwhile choice for any type of kitchen irrespective of its size, design, or layout. The best part is that we have these sinks available in an array of shapes, sizes, and designs. So, you can easily find a nice sink as per your specific preferences and kitchen decor.

To ensure that our designer kitchen sinks provide users years of usage without the need of a strict maintenance regime; we have used 18/19 stainless steel (which is above the industry standard) to manufacture them. Our sinks are therefore sturdy, corrosion resistant, & require next to no maintenance. In fact, an anti bacterial washing up liquid and a soft sponge scourer are all you need to keep them looking great for years. Their quality can be evaluated from the very fact that they are all compliant with the strict quality standards set forth by the Australian Standards Association. And yes, we offer all our sinks with a warranty of twenty-five years.

We invite you to check out selection and look for a perfect sink for your kitchen.

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