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We are a leading company in Australia with a reputation for providing the best-in-class products that exude elegance and class. Owing to our commitment to helping homeowners maintain the beauty and functionality of their bathroom and kitchen, we spare no effort to bring the very best in terms of product quality, design, and functionality. We take great pride in manufacturing the highest quality bathroom and kitchen renovation products in Australia, and strive to continue maintaining the same standards that our customers appreciate us for.

At Vizzini, we care about innovation, style, and safety as much as you do when buying kitchen or bathroom products. That’s why our prime objective is to offer you nothing but the best. We have the most versatile and splendid range of sinks and other accessories to suit all types of kitchen designs. Our bathroom-ware range too has been designed with the same level of attention as our kitchen-ware selection. We have a wide assortment of products to add a wow factor in your bathroom settings, like free standing baths, toilets, spa baths, basins, and many more.

Due to our allegiance to come up with an unparalleled product selection, we strive to stay on top of the latest trends in kitchen/bathroom designs in Australia. Hence, you can rest assured that all our products feature the newest technology and design to boost up the visual aspect, feel, and functionality of your kitchen or bathroom. And yes, all our products are compliant with the Australian Standards Association and come with unrivalled warranties, which you won’t find elsewhere.

We invite you to browse through our exquisite product selection and choose the products that match your lifestyle & needs.

For any product related queries, feel free to mail us at info@vizzini.com.au. We’ll be more than happy to help you.

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