About Vizzini

Vizzini Bathroom Kitchenware stands at the forefront of the industry, dedicated to the meticulous sourcing and development of high-quality, cost-effective product ranges that epitomize the latest trends in bathroom and kitchen ware. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, durability, and exceptional customer service serves as the cornerstone of our operations, influencing every facet of our business.


We pride ourselves on delivering an industry-leading warranty, extending up to an impressive 25 years, which underscores our dedication to providing competitive, on-trend, and high-quality solutions. Quality and simplicity are the guiding principles that drive our product design, ensuring that our offerings not only meet but exceed customer expectations. Our comprehensive range mirrors contemporary design trends and seamlessly adapts to your evolving needs, offering an enduring experience within the home.


Established in 1998, we have cultivated a rich history of expertise in the industry, and as a wholly Australian-owned enterprise, we have expanded our reach to serve customers nationwide. Furthermore, our commitment to excellence has transcended borders, with a growing network of resellers not only within Australia but also extending to Italy and the UK.


At Vizzini, our dedication to innovation, trendsetting design, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction place us at the forefront of the industry. We are steadfast in our mission to offer the latest in bathroom and kitchen solutions that are characterized by superior quality, durability, and a touch of simplicity, ensuring an enduring and timeless experience in every home.

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