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Free Standing Baths

Vizzini, a trusted company in Sydney has an exquisite selection of luxury, stylish free standing baths offering elegance and comfort, both. If you want to prevent your bathroom from mildew and damage, or want to add a hint of designer flair in it, then these baths are sure to impress you. These high quality pieces are functional, durable, attractive, and affordable, as well. With deep styling, you can be assured of a comfortable bathing experience whilst adding a value to your bathroom. The sheer eye catching looks, elegance, and the style of our products set them apart from your average looking bathroom fixtures.

If you are looking for premium quality free standing baths in Australia, look no further than Vizzini. Our wide selection of these trendy pieces are perfect for modern and traditional bathrooms. We have 2 types of free standing baths, including stone free standing baths, and acrylic free standing baths. These are available in a multitude of shapes, dimensions, and come from renowned manufacturers. Whether you are looking for traditional, modern , classic, or avant garde bath tubs, we have something for everyone. Walk in freestanding bath tubs add flexibility and accessibility to your bathroom. Even if you have limited space and budget, we have a lot to offer to you. You can choose from our exclusive range of tubs depending on the needs of your family.

At Vizzini, we offer these freestanding shower bath tubs with a warranty period of 15 years, whereas stone freestanding baths come with a 25 year warranty plan. All of our products are eco friendly and designed in such a way that they help you save water, energy, and money. Our these items are in compliant with the Australian Standards Association.

So, waste no time and get your stylish freestanding bath tub today!

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